The Alebrijes reach the Web3

Get ready to enter the fantastical world of Alebrixes, where digital art meets the dreams of an artist. Come join these vibrant creatures for an adventure!

We're a team with a diverse skillset and a great passion for web3 and digital art.


The Alebrixes are here to bring the magic of alebrijes to Web3 and accompany you in the fascinating world of digital collectibles, learning and growing together to assimilate and apply the new technologies that feed this fantastic space.


Our vision is to create a platform that connects the real world with the land of Alebrixes on the Web3, through physical items and blockchain.

An inspiring idea

One day we asked ourselves: What would happen if we brought physical art to the digital world and gave it a unique value that can be shared around the world with just a few clicks? This is how the Alebrixes project was born, where we unite our experience, desire to learn and passion for technology and digital art to create something special and support each other along the way.

Who we are

Behind what happens in the world of Alebrixes there is a team of individuals fascinated by the magic of these fantastic beings, with extensive IRL and Web3 experience.

  • Jona Cruz


    I am a technology enthusiast and a lover of digital art, always looking for new ways to bring both worlds together and create unique and fascinating experiences.

  • Fabo


    My interests are diverse (cybersecurity, nuclear energy, supply chains, artificial intelligence and Web3). I find in Alebrixes an opportunity to combine most of them (sorry, no nuclear Alebrixes for now), as well as a platform on which to experiment with different applications of the blockchain.

  • Meny


    A designer at heart, I love being part of the success of those around me, the best thing that has happened to me is having the experience of living, I am a fan of good humor and music, finally I would love to travel the world.

What benefits do Alebrixes bring?

In addition to the advantages of digital collectibles, Alebrixes seek to positively impact whoever adopts them.

Our Alebrixes

  • Culebrixe


  • Punkybrixe


  • Chidobrixe


  • Alegrixe


  • Marebrixe


  • Bizcobrixe


  • Dragobrixe


  • Batibrixe


By adopting an Alebrixe, you become the rightful owner of a unique piece of digital art that will accompany you on your way through the Web3. Each one has special attributes that distinguish it from the others and give it different levels of rarity and exclusivity.



  • 01

    September 2023

    Alebrixes are born in the Web3

    Mint. Alebrixes meet NFTs

  • 02

    October 2023

    Alebrixes & AI

    Alebrixes Meet AI. Alebrixes Mindset

  • 03

    November 2023

    Alebrixes IRL

    Alebrixes and Merch. Degenbrixes

  • 04

    January 2024

    Alebrixe Trade

    Token + Staking + Marketplace = shopping IRL and Web3.

  • 05


    Alebrixe Vision

    Bridging Web3 and the real world.

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